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Courtesy Drop – Stabilize

I feel the most alive when it’s all falling apart

Winter is approaching quite relentlessly these days. And while the days have more or less become nights the city is becoming increasingly bleak. I was talking to a friend the other day and he was saying that winter depression hasn’t hit him yet. For my part, I’m trying to comfort myself at home more than I would during summer. And I’m naturally adjusting my listening habits. Courtesy Drop have just arrived in time for this change! Their new EP Stabilize is just what you will need, when the cold and dark nights are coming your way!

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Atlas At Last – A Composition of Functions

I call you function, it’s a reference to formulaic happiness.

The last few months must have been pretty horrific for Atlas At Last. Compared to the DC trios selftitled debut EP from 2013, A Composition of Functions is a big leap into darker territories. Sonically the four songs are noisy, raw and brutal, to say the least. While its predecessor wasn’t necessarily a happy affair per se, it managed to pair walls of distorted guitars with great melodies and harmonies. This time, the melodies haven’t disappeared, they are just buried a lot deeper in the mix.

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Frameworks – Loom

I never saw myself as an outsider. Even though I grew up in a small town and had a very distinct taste in music, I always had a good bunch of friends. To this day I tend to get along with most people I meet. Maybe this has caused me to have a strange relation to hardcore. From time to time I love to pull out “One with the Underdogs” from the shelf and mosh through my flat. Gorilla Biscuits are obviously as integral to my record collection as “After the Eulogy“. But maybe I’m missing the bad childhood, the growing up in the big city or the fragmentation and isolation at school to fully delve into posi-core or NYC hardcore.

I was far more interested in political hardcore because that is what you are supposed to listen to when you are young and see yourself as a politically interested young kid. Once you get tired of empty slogans and taking yourself and the music scene way too serious, you start looking for something else. That’s when I turned to self-reflective music, Rites of Spring, Poison the Well and the likes. I got what they said and I could connect to them as a kid making the first steps into adulthood.

frameworks002-final_sm (1)I think its this past that I get reminded of a lot, when I first listened to La Dispute, Touché Amoré or when I listen to Frameworks now. Loom is a brilliant album and full of all the things I love about hardcore. It’s angry, it’s loud, it’s fast, it has the right amount of breakdowns, it is that tad bit experimental and the space the songs are given only add to the destructive qualities of the songs. The vocals are pissed off and mournful at the same time. The whole production reminds me of late 1990s Florida-New-School (think Morning Again) infused with Bane’s punk attitude and the chaotic structures of Circle Takes the Square.

In the end it’s a modern hardcore album that reminds me a lot of my own past. It is so emotional that at times it’s hard to digest. But it’s moving like only a few others. Maybe it has all the aggression that I’ve been missing in the new La Dispute album without falling into a deafening pit of noise. It’s beautiful like the friend you always loved but never dared to tell. It’s an album to listen with the volume turned to 11!

Loom by Frameworks is out now via Topshelf Records. You can pick up a copy here.

La Dispute – Rooms of the House

All the motions of ordinary love
They grow and change

It’s been a long way coming, and after post-hardcore-the-wave masterpiece “Wildlife” it was never going to be an easy one. When last year the first video surfaced showing the band dismantling the wooden remains of the album cover artwork, blogs, fans and everyone that had ever heard of the band started buzzing. Something new was coming. La Dispute were back.

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Fine Before You Came – Ormai

In tutti questi anni abbiamo detto così tante cose, ne abbiam fatte così poche.

(In all these years we have said so many things, we have done so few)

Italy. A country we primarily will associate with pizza and pasta. Then most people would arguably call for red wine, the mafia, Sylvio Berlusconi and his “bunga bunga parties”, football (or soccer for you Americans), the tifosi, Ferrari, Eros Ramazotti, the Pope and the Vatican. There are plenty of things you would associate Italy with but music. Unless you are currently thinking of the before mentioned Eros or Luciano Pavarotti or Verdi or something more suitable to such a proud nation. Continue reading Fine Before You Came – Ormai