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Talking Pop – Female bedroom producers are the shit

Scandinavia, you beautiful endless reservoir of great music. Scandinavia, I love you for making the sun disappear for a few months each winter making young people stay in their own homes with too much alcohol, their instruments and their creativity. Women of music, I love you because you grace us with so much talent and music that I feel like an incredibly dull little boy with my acoustic guitar and my stupid teenage songs about my sad sad love life. This article is a dedication to the girls in pop that make everyone giggle in excitement at the moment.
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Låpsley – Understudy EP

Because you took something away from yourself
Come back to this world and take your heart to higher shelf

Is there such a thing as falling in love with a voice? Can you have a relationship with a person who you have never spoken to or seen in real life? I mean, can something like this really work? If it would, I’d totally fall for Holly Fletcher! The voice and brains behind Låpsley! Today she released her 4 track ‘Understudy EP’ and heck, it is one brilliant piece of music.

Lead track ‘Falling Short’ has been causing waves in the blogosphere for a couple of months now, and it was inevitable that some hot label would pick her up. It’s a tasteful recap of a breaking heart, completed by subtle piano chords, finger snapping and electronic beat fragments. Above all sits Fletcher’s voice. It’s so intimate that it could break the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Second song ‘Brownlow’ picks up the same ingredients but adds haunting sounds and a life embracing organ sitting very low in the mix. Then there are added synth horns – if you ask yourself, if they can ever sound not cheesy, then listen to this track! – and swelling bassdrops that remind one of Jamie XX’s post-dubstep. 8896 turns to the darker side again without repeating the recipe of the opener. Dancing is a sad closer about a difficult relationship that slowly ascends into a brooding, almost noisy finale to the best four songs I have heard in the last couple of months.

The recent scouse exports seem to up the notch. I love that about my former home and the city’s music scene deserves a lot more credit and attention. It’s not all about London. What was true for guitar music is now definitely also true for the hip and cool electronic singer-songwriter stuff that keeps bubbling strong in the UK music scene.

I’ve always been an understudy
I know you would never love me

There’s something romantically looming and haunting in Låpsley’s sound that manages to set her apart well enough from other peers like Kwabs or her labelmate FKA Twigs to make her unique. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those dark winter days where sunlight seems to be a memory of the distant past and candles, wine and cigarettes are all that can comfort you to sleep.

If this is any indication of what there is still to come, her album should be hotly tipped for this years Mercury Prize. If it doesn’t arrive this year, then I will be heartbroken but I’ll already know what I’ll be looking out for in the year ahead!

Låpsley – Understudy EP is out now via XL/Beggars.
Pick up a copy here (physical) or here (digital)!

Happy Diving – Big World

because in my room now, i feel so divine
not a worry running through my mind

As kids we used to play in sandboxes, build castles and towers only to destroy them with pure force. Our parents would say that this was just a boy thing. Some way down the line we learned to control this anger or the lust for destruction and channeled it into something else. Nowadays I find myself sitting in a pub on a night out with my friends and a ever growing urge to smash my bottle or glass of beer against the wall or on the floor. I imagine the glass shattering into thousand little pieces. And I picture the smile on my face while doing so.

You could call it immature. And maybe you even find this a little disturbing. But I reassure you that I’m or never was a violent one. I’m hardly ever angry at someone for more than five minutes. My fuse is very long and very hard to ignite. But I feel this urge for destruction is kind of human. It’s part of us, embedded in our dna and we are always looking for an outlet.

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Talking Pop: Grace Mitchell

I know that we haven’t talked about pop music in quite a while. I mean, we all do love our indie, punk, noise or whatever influenced bands that play the crappiest venues all to be able to release some tunes recorded in their bedrooms or garages via bandcamp or on small run vinyl. But from time to time there is an urge and a void that can only be filled by massive pop tunes. Tacky hooklines that block your ears for days and nights, one-liners that make you long for a relationship with the girl of your dreams (yes, there are lines in Modern Baseball’s songs or even in Blink 182 songs that will be similar, but let’s face it, it’s just not the same!). And they are mostly graced with audacious production and mostly sung by stunning girls.

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Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

I’m not telling you all I’m going through
I feel fine!

There’s not many bands that blew me away just as much as Cloud Nothings did with their last album “Attack on Memory” in 2012. It was a perfect mix of melodies, fuzz, feedback and anger. Finally a guitar album again! And don’t forget the perfect Steve Albini production! Finally something for me again, something not many took notice of, but an album I kept telling people about. I kept playing this album to friends, when they were over. I kept nagging the people I know at the label month in, month out about their next record. And finally, it is here.

Cloud Nothings

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Spring Offensive – Young Animal Hearts

”If you want to find your lover
I suggest you slide into the river
like the rat that you are”

When Spring Offensive announced their first LP, I was excited. I spent a great amount of time annoying my environment how brilliant this band is. Songs like The Well or A Shutter And A Start took me by storm. Their musical approach state as Indie, but more clever, as danceable, but sometimes depressing, as emotional, in the most positive meaning.

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Denis Jones – One night in Haldern

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a few hours on the plane, then in a car, then I arrived in a small village. The last kilometers getting off the Autobahn and driving along narrow, winding roads. No hill to be seen, the countryside flat as a pancake. Scattered farm houses made of red bricks, herds of sheep and cattle and the odd tree. Even cars seemed to be a curiosity out here. It’s funny to think that on that night, i witnessed one of the best gigs of the year (and yes, that includes seeing Beyoncé live). It was quite a surprise when I stood next to this impressively bearded bloke. The venue of the gig was to be the Haldern Pop Bar – a cosy little venue. Quite what you would expect from a village pub in the middle of nowhere in Germany, if it wasn’t for the cool and hip drinks (LemonAid soda, a special German vodka etc) that you would know from hipster bars in Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne. Continue reading Denis Jones – One night in Haldern