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Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better (Video)

Well hello there new song Sufjan! You’re giving us such pleasure. Who needs a proper video, when you can have a great new song and watch the small waves coming in at a stoney shore. This is the Sufjan we all started to love with his first albums. Heartwarming stuff!


Talking Pop – We Are Scientists

Summer 2006.
I spent the summer in Barcelona in a desperate attempt to improve my Spanish. I ended up going out a lot more than I ever did before, I probably drank a lot more than I should have, I didn’t sleep as much as one should have over the course of my time there and I probably improved my English more than my Spanish. But I also met a lot of great people. This trip was the reason for me to go to study in the UK and for why I am where I’m at now.
During one of the days, I was talking to Dan, one of the great people I met, about music. I bought the Killers first record at Fnac and he kept on raving about how good the album was. He then went on and on about this new US band he just saw in Manchester. His eyes were shining so brightly when he recalled it in his memory. He was talking about We Are Scientists.

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Perfect Pussy – I have lost all desire for feeling

her eyes fell low and heavy with shame and cum

Four songs in just about 14 minutes are sometimes enough to say what needs to be said. 14 minutes can be enough to make a real statement. Enough, to make your message clear and to let everyone know your intentions. Perfect Pussy (what a name) from Syracuse, NY don’t take a second longer. It’s the intensity of the vocals, the sparse production and the dirty guitar and drums that make this a tour de force. Not even the added synthesizer in “III” can calm the listener down – the two antidromic vocal lines make sure that doesn’t happen. But above all it’s the lyrics that pull you down by your hair, smash you to the floor and keep on kicking you in the teeth.

we’re not standing in the back, we’re safest near the exit

Examples for the quality of the lyrics can be found in all of the songs. It’s almost like every line has the quality to stand by itself. You know these pictures of nature with some wise-ass line written on them? Well, Perfect Pussy could make 100 cards/pictures out of their four songs without a problem. It’s just that the pictures would not be beautiful but a little different. It’s not that there is no beauty in them – rather the opposite in my opinion, but they don’t appear that way at first glance. The honesty is striking: ‘there is a sick grace inherent in healing, it’s like peeling off my skin. It’s like feeling everything for the first time, like it’s finally sinking in.’ or ‘first i was stronger, then i was softer, now i am frightened, look at me now. somehow we managed to make it this far- seems now everything has changed. i don’t want to know.’ You feel every word as if you had written the lines yourself. A trade not a lot of people master.

So no matter what you think about the name or the dirty music. I highly recommend you give this a listen and take the time to read the lyrics. It might just all fall into the perfect place. It did for me. Really looking forward to the new material – whenever it will arrive!
You can order their tape here.