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Favorite Albums: Hot Water Music – Fuel for the Hate Game

Raise your voice it swells, find your meaning then.

Some albums define your own life like your parents, your friends or your own decisions. Some albums make up for lost friends, lost loved ones and heartbreak. Some albums make the sweetest moments in life that little bit better. And then there’s some albums that are always there, no matter if times are good or bad. I know that everyone no matter if he obsesses about music, or is just a casual top 20 listener will have that one song, or, in this case, that one defining album.

I guess it was sometime in 2005. I started a part-time job next to school to have a little money to spend on my Vespa, on going out and on records. There was this little record shop I used a 15 minute drive away from where I grew up. The good thing was, it was located just around the corner from the supermarket I worked in. So when I had a full day shift on saturdays I’d spent most of my lunch breaks browsing through the few racks of vinyl. I had heard of the shop before, but it was a little off the haigh-street. So one day, I went looking for it and found this little shop. It was called “Indiepunk Records“. The small square room had the vinyl stacked on the left hand side. Opposite the entrance was the CD rack and on the right side of the room you could browse through the 7” section. Then there was a little cubicle in which the owner would sit behind an old windows computer smoking hand rolled cigarettes. Yes, you could indeed smoke in the shop back then (I haven’t been there in a couple of years, so I’m not sure if you still can).
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