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Front Page: Best of 2013 Part I

So 2013 is drawing an end. The sheer flood of releases is ebbing away and as per usual, people are compiling lists of their favorites throughout the year. For me it has been a very exciting year. The blog has grown over the first year of its existence. So happy birthday little baby. But it’s not only my baby anymore. I have the pleasure of welcoming two writers aboard who will help me publishing more stuff and will give you an additional angle to my boring self-loathing. So say hello to Matthias (who’s first review was already posted here some time ago) and Daniel (you’ll read some things from him in the near future!). I am very thankful for all the people who took their time reading the articles, sharing them or getting in touch through their bands, labels or promoters. We cherish you all! Continue reading Front Page: Best of 2013 Part I


Front Page – David Bazan

But it was only in my head
because no one ever says
what they really mean to say
when there’s so much at stake

David Bazan

I’ve spent a lot of time recently to listen to David Bazan and his old band Pedro the Lion. Maybe it was the winter in Berlin, or the autumn that started it all. But rainy days and long nights call for suitable music. Some might say Placebo would be the right choice. I agree, if you are some kind of suicidal psychopath who wants to kill off every remaining ray of light within oneself.

Between 1995 and 2005 Bazan released 5 albums under his moniker Pedro the Lion. And in all honesty, I find it very hard to pin down my personal favorite – though “Control” might just edge it because of the distorted guitar sounds. The lyrics send shivers down my spine. Combining his gritty voice, the beforementioned guitar sound and the direct drums, this is as fantastic a record, as I can imagine. “Options” is a wonderful song about how hard it is to tell the truth in a relationship, “Penetration” a clever lyrical criticism of capitalist culture. Bazan manages to transport everything he wants to say without saying too much, without overcomplicating things and without forgetting the song!

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