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Ariel Pink – pom pom

*This is not at all aimed at insulting a label or a person. It’s just a strong personal opinion on a record.*

Where should I start on this one? I should probably go right into a direct rant about how much I hate this album. So let’s do it. It’s fucking awful. It’s that plain and simple.

1. The album
66 minutes is a lot of time to ask from your listener these days. While the pop mainstream focuses on releasing single after single (Pitbull, Perry, Jessie J etc) new acts tend to throw out a couple of EPs before they tackle the album (Broods, Ryn Weaver, hell even in punk). Ariel Pink is passed the phase of a newcomer though, so fair play to him. He’s released a shitload of albums, eps and singles. Shitloads of every format.
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Front Page: Best of 2013 Part II

Matze’s Top 5+5 (no particular order)

1. Grey Reverend – A Hero’s Lie (Motion Audio/Rough Trade)
The story of discovering the music of L.D. Brown aka Grey Reverend is a bit dull, I have to admit: I stumbled across the cover thinking “well, that’s a great photo” and just gave it a listen. And it completely blew me away. This summer I was sitting at a beach in Portugal with “A Hero’s Lie” on my headphones simply gazing at the sea and for a moment I was at peace with the world (being me, that didn’t last long, mind you). Although it’s nothing groundbreaking, it simply is a hauntingly beautiful record. In a few years a lot of people will probably look back on “A Hero’s Lie” as a masterpiece no one took notice of. Remember folks, you read it here first.
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Front Page: Best of 2013 Part I

So 2013 is drawing an end. The sheer flood of releases is ebbing away and as per usual, people are compiling lists of their favorites throughout the year. For me it has been a very exciting year. The blog has grown over the first year of its existence. So happy birthday little baby. But it’s not only my baby anymore. I have the pleasure of welcoming two writers aboard who will help me publishing more stuff and will give you an additional angle to my boring self-loathing. So say hello to Matthias (who’s first review was already posted here some time ago) and Daniel (you’ll read some things from him in the near future!). I am very thankful for all the people who took their time reading the articles, sharing them or getting in touch through their bands, labels or promoters. We cherish you all! Continue reading Front Page: Best of 2013 Part I