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Talking Pop – Female bedroom producers are the shit

Scandinavia, you beautiful endless reservoir of great music. Scandinavia, I love you for making the sun disappear for a few months each winter making young people stay in their own homes with too much alcohol, their instruments and their creativity. Women of music, I love you because you grace us with so much talent and music that I feel like an incredibly dull little boy with my acoustic guitar and my stupid teenage songs about my sad sad love life. This article is a dedication to the girls in pop that make everyone giggle in excitement at the moment.
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Talking Pop: Grace Mitchell

I know that we haven’t talked about pop music in quite a while. I mean, we all do love our indie, punk, noise or whatever influenced bands that play the crappiest venues all to be able to release some tunes recorded in their bedrooms or garages via bandcamp or on small run vinyl. But from time to time there is an urge and a void that can only be filled by massive pop tunes. Tacky hooklines that block your ears for days and nights, one-liners that make you long for a relationship with the girl of your dreams (yes, there are lines in Modern Baseball’s songs or even in Blink 182 songs that will be similar, but let’s face it, it’s just not the same!). And they are mostly graced with audacious production and mostly sung by stunning girls.

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Talking Pop – We Are Scientists

Summer 2006.
I spent the summer in Barcelona in a desperate attempt to improve my Spanish. I ended up going out a lot more than I ever did before, I probably drank a lot more than I should have, I didn’t sleep as much as one should have over the course of my time there and I probably improved my English more than my Spanish. But I also met a lot of great people. This trip was the reason for me to go to study in the UK and for why I am where I’m at now.
During one of the days, I was talking to Dan, one of the great people I met, about music. I bought the Killers first record at Fnac and he kept on raving about how good the album was. He then went on and on about this new US band he just saw in Manchester. His eyes were shining so brightly when he recalled it in his memory. He was talking about We Are Scientists.

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Talking Pop: NME Ones to Watch 2014

Sod all the other polls and tip sheets out in January – if you want something to pore over and actually get you excited about music in 2014, then read this.

So here we go again then. The wonderful english music tabloid NME has once again found the ones to watch for the new year. Here’s our take on the bands they think will make it big. Are they worth it? Should you care? Is there anything in there that’s exciting at all?

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Talking Pop: Die neuen Deutschpoeten – A different view on the “new Germans”

I’m sure everyone knows these really bad looking posters advertising some big time event in your town. Mostly they are sponsored by big brands, speak about sensational stuff that actually just bores you to death. Even worse are the looks of these ads.

Die neuen Deutschpoeten

A recent example here in Berlin is a concert called “Die neuen Deutschpoeten” or “the new German poets”. It is sponsored by public broadcaster Radio Fritz – for the younger audience. So when a radio announces a show like that, especially a mainstream format radio, it raises some eyebrows. And the line-up is indeed catering for a mainstream audience. Fair enough, that’s their job right? To attract a lot of listeners and get fans to fill a venue. Continue reading Talking Pop: Die neuen Deutschpoeten – A different view on the “new Germans”

Front Page – The Class of the 2000s

What became of the likely lads?

I read a few interesting articles recently that had nothing to do with music really, but made me think. The first article, published by the online version of UK broadsheet the Guardian, was talking about the once promising footballer Kieron Dyer. His career never really took off due to his injury prone body. Despite him only playing just over 300 games during his 17 year-long professional career, he managed to become a lavishly paid player. Author Barney Ronay argues that Dyer was actually a child of the new Premier League, that brought vast amounts of cash to English football clubs. Therefore it wasn’t his fault for being paid that much money, even though he was probably not worth it, but the systems fault. Interesting thought. Continue reading Front Page – The Class of the 2000s

I don’t get it

It’s our party we can do what we want

When I was at school, our arts teacher used to tell us that the best paintings are the ones that make your imagination run lose. She told us to imagine we’d be in a hospital bed for a year without anything but a painting hanging across the room. She asked us whether we thought the painting should depicture reality as good as possible or if we did not prefer a very abstract painting with shapes, contrasts and uncertainties. A fair question, don’t you think? Needless to say that a couple of 17-year-old boys did take this statement as a ticket to paint whatever we wanted, as long as there were contrasts and we were able to explain our mess afterwards. We all finished with very good grades, apart from one of my friends whose oeuvre was deemed “art-brut” – and he couldn’t have been that insane in our teachers’ eyes. Now I kind of understand what she said and meant. Which brings me to the video of the current Miley Cyrus single “We Can’t Stop“: Continue reading I don’t get it