Happy Diving – Big World

because in my room now, i feel so divine
not a worry running through my mind

As kids we used to play in sandboxes, build castles and towers only to destroy them with pure force. Our parents would say that this was just a boy thing. Some way down the line we learned to control this anger or the lust for destruction and channeled it into something else. Nowadays I find myself sitting in a pub on a night out with my friends and a ever growing urge to smash my bottle or glass of beer against the wall or on the floor. I imagine the glass shattering into thousand little pieces. And I picture the smile on my face while doing so.

You could call it immature. And maybe you even find this a little disturbing. But I reassure you that I’m or never was a violent one. I’m hardly ever angry at someone for more than five minutes. My fuse is very long and very hard to ignite. But I feel this urge for destruction is kind of human. It’s part of us, embedded in our dna and we are always looking for an outlet.

The first time I heard Big World by Happy Diving, I was immediately taken back to those days of unfulfilled destruction. Flashing images of my childhood roaring past my eyes. The summer of 2003, when we thought we were all grown up, chasing girls, drinking alcohol and never thinking the summer could end. The times mom sent me to my room and I was so angry that I threw toys against the door. The winter days I went out skating in the blistering cold. It’s all right there.

The album is ten wonderful and simple pop songs hidden under skyscraper high walls of noise and distortion. 10 cute little sheep in wolves’ clothing. And next to all that racket sit the meandering vocals. A little gnarly, a little echoing, a tad bored. They set a great juxtaposition soundwise. Despite the compact length of the record the songs manage to reference all kinds of different atists such as Weezer (Sad Planet‘s opening guitars could be on the Blue Album), Fu Manchu (basically the guitar sound!) or Japandroids.

So if you’re looking to remember your youth, or for the perfect soundtrack to smash things up, then look no further ladies and gentleman. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for!

Big World is out now via Father/Daughter Records. Pick up your copy here.


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