Apologies, I Have None – Black Everything

Apologies, I Have None‘s debut “London” is probably one of my favourite punkrock-something-records of recent years. So, naturally, I’ve been waiting for something new from then since basically the end of 2012. This friday (May 9th), the guys finally fulfill my wish: “Black Everything”, an EP with four new songs, will be out here in Germany as a pretty black 12″ LP (yeah, I know, the download is available for weeks already… shush!).

“How the fuck did I not see this coming? I should’ve known”

Above I present you the opening lines of “Two Bombs in a Box”, probably the one song of the EP that also would have fitted perfectly on “London”. After the departure of guitarist/singer Dan Bondy, AIHN currently continue as a trio and obviously took that chance to change their musical style a bit. I say “a bit”, because they fortunately still sound like the band we all love… but it’s not just sing-along on first listen anymore.

The heavy opener “Raging Through the Thick and Heavy Darkness of a Bloodlust” is a perfect example for that: over the sound of dense guitars, Josh McKenzie sings and shouts and, come the chorus, spits out words of rage, you simply cannot repeat immediately. And just as you figured it out, the song drifts into a melodic Brand New-esque middle-part, before building up to the angry chorus again. Although it is a tough nut to crack at first, it would definitely be quite interesting to see AIHN putting an album together in the mood of “Raging…”.

With the above-mentioned “Two Bombs in a Box” it is the exact other way round: it will probably be the first song of “Black Everything” you’ll immediately like, because it features the one thing a guitar-driven piece of music needs: a haunting melody in the chorus that makes you want to raise your fists and conquer the world. The following “Coffee, Alcohol, Codeine, Repeat” somewhat continues in that style, while being more rough and complex with its change of tempo and, more important, volume.

“Black Everything” ends with “The Clarity of Morning”, which serves as the typical closing song: a slow and rather calm start, developing into an up-beat chorus (sing-along material!) and finishing on a bridge you wouldn’t have expected at first. But even more than being a perfect closer, it leaves you with a feeling of wanting more than those 16 minutes you just enjoyed. Of course, you could always start over, but… the guys better get started on their sophomore album right now.

Apologies, I Have None – Black Everything is out via Uncle M on 09.05.2014. Pick up your copy here.

And since there is no video for any of the new songs on the whole internet, here is an old one, just for the fun of it.

08.05. NL – Amsterdam Sugar Factory
12.-14.06. CH – Interlaken – Greenfield Festival
20.-22.06. DE – Schessel – Hurricane Festival
20.-22.06. DE – Neuhausen – Southside Festival
25.07. LX – Luxemburg – Food For Your Senses Festival
26.07. DE – Bausendorf – Riez Open Air
09.08. DE – Oberhausen – Olgas Rockfestival
08.-10.08. DE – Eschwege – Open Flair

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