Rollercoaster Kills – Evil Debt

This time they won’t forget my name
Please don’t blame yourself

Ok, let’s make this quick and simple. Rollercoaster Kills is a punk/garage indie band from Madrid. Evil Debt was released at the start of the year in Spain via Caleiah Records. There are 10 songs on the album and if you put the opener aside none clocks in over 3 minutes. The cover art is being kept in black & white. Nothing unusual or surprising there, right? Well, why not giv it a listen then:

© Miriam PerezIt’s easy to judge a book by its cover and it’s even easier to judge music by the random cover artworks that we have to deal with these days. Especially in times of the internet, when you probably don’t even bother with cover art any more because all you see is a link in a newsfeed and a little photo, if you’re lucky. It would be easy to judge Rollercoaster Kills by their cover. But this is not simple punk. At first listen it does sound quite trashy. But the songs carry an awesome lot of melodies and energy with them to distinguish them from their peers. You can hear a lot of Against Me in there (Funeral Party), also strong hints of No Idea punk (Adam’s Massacre Song). Evil Debt is quite a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Just think about your record collection and the times you’ve bought your first punk LPs and 7 inches. Listening to Rollercoaster Kills will remind you a lot of that time. And sometimes you have to be thankful for these occasions. Stay classy Madrid!


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