Spring Offensive – Young Animal Hearts

”If you want to find your lover
I suggest you slide into the river
like the rat that you are”

When Spring Offensive announced their first LP, I was excited. I spent a great amount of time annoying my environment how brilliant this band is. Songs like The Well or A Shutter And A Start took me by storm. Their musical approach state as Indie, but more clever, as danceable, but sometimes depressing, as emotional, in the most positive meaning.

A Shutter and a Start: only available on EP

After a bunch of EP`s and some problems finding a label, they decided to release the record on their own. Young Animal Hearts is funded over the platform pledgemusic.com (by the way I pledged, so I assume I`m totally biased writing this review).
From the beginning Spring Offensive make it clear, where the journey on their debut is going. The first track Not Drowning but Waving is a quiet and atmospheric masterpiece, that shifts to an intense finale.

I saw him first, beaten and broken by waves

I instantly felt in love with some of the songs. With Hengelo the band was inspired by the story of a young man that run away to Berlin and pretended to spent most of his live in the woods. The real story quickly got shady and ended in fraud and lies. Without judging the song focuses on the aspect of escaping the modern life. The River starts a little bit threatening: drums, slowly spoken lyrics, a dark, but moving tone. On the other hand Speak gave me a glimpse of hope by it`s vigorous and empowering chorus. More drama? 52 Miles. Heartache song? Carrier. The socio-critical-dance-song? No Assets.

No assets: If we serious than we should start saving…

Young Animal Hearts creates an intense atmosphere. I can`t compare it to something, but would describe it a charismatic blend of melancholy and love, harmony and arrangements, theatric and arousal. Maybe it`s a bold move to say this is one of the records of the year…but, count me in.

You can buy the record here!

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