The Electronic Fix

Dance Motherfucker, dance!

This blog doesn’t really seem like the right place to write about electronic music. So until now you’ve never found any sort of deephouse, glitch or whatever. You’re very likely to never find a serious post about EDM, Dubstep or whatever, because it’s crap. But every once in a while I need my monthly (or so) dose of electronic music. And sometimes that kind of stuff is really good too. Mind you, I’ve been raving about that Casper album before, so why not go a little electronic here? So over the last couple of days, I collected some new tunes that I digged and compiled them in this playlist.

So if you need to get your week started with some mellow electronic music, feel free to click the play button. Don’t worry, there won’t be any mad death metal destroying your earbuds all of a sudden. Just mellow and sweet electronic pop music with nice melodies and stuff. I would highly recommend the songs by Great Good Fine Ok and Pick A Piper. Have a good week everyone.

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