for the more of us
that lift our voices in a song
the sweeter life will be

Hardcore has always been a thing of unity for me. On saturday I was getting my weekly fix of FIFA with some friends and we were talking about the usual topics: football, sex, work and music. Usually it’s all chitchat, mainly to distract one of your fellow opponents from the game you’re playing. But while that hasn’t worked in a long time, there was one point in this conversation that we started to talk about the music we had playing in the background.
I think by now it is needless to say, that Berlin is still one of the capitals of electronic music. That’s not EDM I’m talking about, but deep house or techno in all its forms. So while we were listening to one DJ-set by German producers Kölsch, we started a little discussion.

Jungbluth – Part Ache

One of my friends was certain, that he felt more energy in a nightclub dancing to a DJ-set, than going to a gig. I immediately had to think about the various hardcore shows I’d been to. And while I understand the salvation one can find while dancing to an electronic beat for hours, I still disagree with my friend. It is not the same. Not the same energy, not the same feeling of unity, not the same smile on my face when you’re surrounded by a group of sweating boys and girls all breaking out into a single ‘Where’s your fucking rage?’ at once.


Part Ache is the debut album by German hardcore band Jungbluth. They used to be called Alpinist, but changed that name when they released their first demo tape in 2012. And the new release just shows me why electronic music, in all its beauty, can’t compare to the energy of three guys, with blasting guitars, merciless drumming and thundering bass. When I was still at school, most of my friends could not understand why I would listen to that kind of “noise”. I always knew, that I had a few very good reasons.
1. The energy.
2. Paying attention to lyrics
3. That one moment/break/melody that splits the clouds.
Just listen to These Rare Moments and you’ll find everything that I love about this stuff. The lyrics are intimate and honest, there’s this part in the end that makes you want to jump up and down with your friends, and scream the lyrics right out. And that’s the energy.

Aesthetically, the artwork is really nice. Kept in black and white, back to basics, so to speak. The production adds to the energy. Very dense but still dirty enough to almost feel the vocals spitting out of your speakers. Absolutely love this album. They should be up there with the US big guns. And I think, for once a mixture of English and German vocals does not seem weird. I hope they will get their vocals yelled back at them by a lot of girls and boys out there. They deserve that!

You can listen to the album below, or pre-order it here: USEurope!

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