Yesterday Shop

The first time I came across the music of Yesterday Shop was in a video trailer about this years ‘Immergut Festival’ (see below). The guitar hook towards the end of the song Fat Man, Little Boy is beautiful and very much sums up the music. All the songs are so dreamy, without drifting to this introverted self-loathing of Beach House. They just carry the right amount of melodies, twinkly guitars, dragging rhythms and mellow vocals that all you want to do is hang out in the afternoon sun, sit in the grass and enjoy a fresh breeze. Their song titles are classy reminders of nights spent with some good wine talking about culture, or how would you explain a tite like We Like Chopin? Every song is filled with tiny details, melodies and subtle surprises that ensure that you will want to come back to this record.

The songs breathe the fresh air of quiet countryside. When I listen to it, I have to think of my friends, of long gone summers. Of how I fell in love as a teenager. I forget all the hassle at work. For 44 minutes, I am all free. And how much more can you expect from a record? I mean, the album is reinventing any wheel. You won’t find a radio hit single on this album. Most people might feel indifferent to this album. But it is a really pleasant ride into my mind.

Yesterday Shop

Yesterday Shops’ music smells like summer. It smells like pastiche colors, dried out grass, warm raindrops on tarmac. Maybe in winter I will feel different than now. But this could well be my summer’s soundtrack. And even if the sky is coloured all grey with clouds, listening to the album is reminding me of what time of the year it is. It will remind me of this summer, of my friends and of my past. And I am very thankful for that. Maybe you will feel the same.

You can buy the album here.


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