I don’t get it

It’s our party we can do what we want

When I was at school, our arts teacher used to tell us that the best paintings are the ones that make your imagination run lose. She told us to imagine we’d be in a hospital bed for a year without anything but a painting hanging across the room. She asked us whether we thought the painting should depicture reality as good as possible or if we did not prefer a very abstract painting with shapes, contrasts and uncertainties. A fair question, don’t you think? Needless to say that a couple of 17-year-old boys did take this statement as a ticket to paint whatever we wanted, as long as there were contrasts and we were able to explain our mess afterwards. We all finished with very good grades, apart from one of my friends whose oeuvre was deemed “art-brut” – and he couldn’t have been that insane in our teachers’ eyes. Now I kind of understand what she said and meant. Which brings me to the video of the current Miley Cyrus single “We Can’t Stop“:

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop from MMA on Vimeo.

You can’t stop but think: WHAT.THE.FUCK?

Let’s just look beyond the most stupid product placements (the pill, the lipstick) and take another look. What the heck happened to Miley Cyrus? Wasn’t she supposed to be this DisneyIamSoChristianIwontSleepWithAnyoneUntilIBecomeBritneySpears kind of girl? To say it with one picture, how about this one on the right? I mean, she was just this little girl or did I completely miss out on something? Well let’s put it into perspective, she just signed to RCA, the same label of pop icons such as the before mentioned Britney, Alicia Keys, Usher, P!nk (what’s with the !?) or the horrendously catchy Ke$ha (I get that wink here). So as some sort of step to distance herself from her own past and Disney/Hollywood Records identity, she’s mixing it up a bit. The only problem is that in this case, a bit feels like a complete turnaround.

It’s our party we can say what we want

The song itself is a nice tune. Very contemporary pop if you want to put it that way. No wonder there were rumours that the songs had apparently been written for Rihanna, but that smackhead doesn’t seem to get a grip these days. So ok, it doesn’t boast any guitars is definitely more Rihanna than Taylor Swift, but well, I can file this under artist development. The lyrics are bordering on stupid. Irrelevant. She’s consistent here. If you think of Party in the USA you’ll hardly see a difference.

But what fucking A&R has been supervising the video???


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