Donovan Wolfington – Stop Breathing

There hasn’t been a lot of posts from my side recently. But there are times in a life when other things seem more important.

Donovan Wolfington

Have I ever told you, that girls in bands make every band more interesting? Well just think about Sonic Youth or the Pixies. Anyway my point being a band playing Emo or Indie, with distorted guitars, feedback and kind of lo-fi-ish vocals, add some female harmonies and you’ve got me interested.

Donovan Wolfington are a band from New Orleans in the US. They play a great blend of the beforementioned music. When you are into some doodely guitars, with brizzling guitars and crashing drums, you definitely can’t go wrong with this band. They just released their new album via digitally via their bandcamp page. It will be released in a few months phyiscally via Community Records.

Give the record a listen and I am certain you will find a certain Pixies quality in the songs. You can also hear a lot of Pavement in their slightly off tune guitar work. But while Pavement go off to a softer kind of indie, Donovan Wolfington keep tight and manage to keep the energy level up throughout their songs – I would pin this down to their youth for now. What I really love about this record though, is that you’ll find more and more of your favourite 1990s indie-bands as heavy influences on their sound. Some might argue that this is the sort of problem with today’s music (just see Simon Reynolds on this issue), for me they manage to create their own blend. I mean, in the end, beer has been round for centuries, we still drink it – and there still are new local breweries popping up – would you argue they are all crap (the German purity law for beer states only three ingredients for beer – this album has quite a few more)? I thought not.

Finally the artowrk is class. A pink house, run down, with a brown patch of grass in front and the blue sky at the back. Just like the music: It’s not such an aweful place – even though it’s first aesthetic might put you off. I love it. Just another reason for me to love bandcamp for making such music available and letting the little me in my German apartement believe in and rediscover guitar based music again. Check them out and show them your support!

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