Olde Pine

Olde Pine

all we know is where were going
but its a place i haven’t found

Sometimes you come across some music by chance, by accident and you keep sticking with it. Sometimes you can’t get hold of a record – blimey, I’d pay a fair bit to get Olde Pines two EPs on vinyl – so you have to retreat to listening to music on the web. I keep coming back to their site. Listening to their songs. They are worth it!

While a lot of emo records come with a very melancholic tone and mood, Olde Pine manage to keep it upbeat throughout all of their songs. That said, the lyrics are a lot less jolly than the music leads you to believe. Break-ups, end of a relationship stories, growing up are reoccuring topics. But that seems to be a fact for most other current emo releases. So lyrically Olde Pine don’t stand out from the crowd. So what makes this band unique?

no, i dont want no scrubs, a scrub is a gal who cant get no love from me, sittin in the passengers side of her best friends ride, tryin to holla at me.

Their sound is full of energy. You can hear the lo-fi-ish production on über-anthem “For Twinny” for example absolutely fits. The twinkly-jam at the start of “That’s Git” is so overwhelmingly inperfect and sonically chaotic before bursting out into the best TLC cover version ever (anyone remeber all the punk-cover songs on file-sharing platforms?).

The bands second outing is a more condensed variation of the foundations layed two years ago. It’s brand new and has only been released this month. They even experiement with a little synth melody (“Samsquamch”) which does not sound too volitional or fancy. The thicker sound luckily does not lead to a more polished version neither. If it helps shaping the sound in any way, it makes the band sound a little more chaotic even. I really love the raw attitude of these guys. I mean, look at them – two bearded guys making loud, twinkly and beautiful emo. How can you not like what they are doing?

This is the only live video of the band I could find. It’s recorded in some bar in front of a hand full of people. These songs deserve a bigger audience!


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