Joyce Manor – Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

Joyce Manor

Two chords are all it takes to get drawn into this record. What follows is a quick fix of lo-fi pop no wave teenie punk galore. 9 Songs – less than 15 Minutes. If the band wanted to make this album some kind of statement, then well done guys.

Usually I can listen to the album in its entity twice on my way to work and believe me, it’s not a long way to work. I love putting this album on in the morning. Especially when it is freezing outside. It gives you a right kick up the arse. Full blown noise, crashing drums, rumbling bass and soar vocals. The major difference to the odd punk band from around the block does exist though. It is the melodies and harmonies that lie hidden underneath the carpet of dirt and dust. I guess it is this sexy, unsexy appearance of the music that turns my inner music-loving-girly-instincts on.

If this album was a girl, it would not be the stunning blonde the whole school is after.

It would be the girl you didn’t notice the first five or six years, the girl you used to be friends with for a very long time. The friend you could trust with all your problems and worries. The one you would spend a lot of time with until that one day, when she picks you up from a party, you are heartbroken and drunk. The blonde girl ditched you again. She would be there to take you home and then it would hit you like a rock. She’s stunning, she’s beautiful, she’s caring and she is exactly what you’ve been longing for.

This album is exactly that. The short bursts are not beautiful when you just let them pass once. They are not ugly – but there is always a kind of tension. The sexual tension boys will forever find with their good female friends. Somewhere in the back of your head you always think that something is about to happen. And the sex in this record is definitely a well balanced hidden spot.

You have got to dig and wait a little bit.

But it is worth sticking with some of the most entertaining 15 odd Minutes of 2012.

As the pleasure of listening is over so quickly, let’s find some things to do in roughly 15 minutes.
– 10-20 minutes is the average time for women to reach a climax during intercourse
– 15 minutes is 1/6 of a football match
– 15 minutes would be enough to press the whole album twice on 1 vinyl LP!
– 15 minutes would be enough time for Boris Becker to chat up 3 girls
– It would apparently need 1,500 pounds of weed in 15 minutes to overdose – I doubt that though


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